CJ Got Ink


30, CJ has been tattooing since 2011 for 8 years. He’s originally from Grand Bay, Alabama and since starting his tattooing career has opened two shops. One in Florida and now here in Atlanta, Atlanta Ink. He specializes in color realism as well as black and gray realism. CJ is all about the artistry and fundamentals of tattoo culture.  


Villy Ocean


 39, Ville, best known as VillyOcean is from Jamaica Queens, New York, he’s been tattooing for 16 years and has a speciality in black and gray realism. If Ville isn’t designing a tattoo, he’s spending his time on graphic design.


Hobo the Great


 36, Hobo has been tattooing for 14 years. He is a proud Montgomery, Alabama native. Hobo specializes in black and gray realism and portraits. In his spare time he has his hands in film, photography and painting. 

Presly Tatted


Presly also known as preslytatted on Instagram is a self-taught tattoo artist from Athens, Georgia of eight years. He specializes in portraits and realism and loves bringing his clients’ ideas to life in intricate pieces.    

To book an appointment with Presly please text “preslytatted” to 7064249671. 



Pash was born in Hartford, CT and raised in Atlanta, GA and in Bonn, Germany. He studied on scholarship at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts/ Boston; University of the Arts and Hussian, both in Philadelphia.  Pash's work has appeared in the Art Beats + Lyrics exhibition in multiple cities, local galleries and mural workthroughout Atlanta.  He is currently gallery assistant at Notch 8 Art Gallery in Atlanta, GA while he resides in Atlanta raising his daughter and is the owner of Pash Lima Art & Design. 

Ink Lord


Ink Lord is a self-taught tattoo artist from Virginia. He started tattooing in 2009, and have been consistently tattooing since 2014 in multiple cities on the East Coast. He offers a variety of styles in tattoos and enjoys creating custom tattoo pieces. If he’s not in the shop, he’s spending time painting. 



30-year-old Atlanta native. Joe started tattooing in 2015 professionally. He loves bringing his clients ideas into reality. He strives to create and tattoo custom pieces. Joe offers a wide variety of styles. In his free time, he is working on his bachelor’s degree in graphic design. 

meet our piercer

Poked by Christian


25, Christian is originally from Los Angeles, California. He’s been piercing for 4 years. Previous establishments he’s worked at include Iron palm tattoos. He was also previously a Barista / Latte Artist. His specialty when it comes to piercings are surface anchors. In his spare time Christian aspires to become a circus juggler.